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1. Prolong the service life of your air-conditioners

Normally, after prolonged usage of your air conditioner, dust particles will accumulate onto the surfaces of parts like the evaporating and heat dissipating units. This blocks air passages and affects the machine’s cooling efficiency. Moreover, noise emission will increase. In more severe cases, negligence can cause damage to the compressor part, leaving the machine more prone to future break-downs. The service life of the air-conditioner is thus shortened.

2. Electrical Energy Conservation

Due to the perpetual and cyclical working process of an air conditioner, dust particles and liquid fog will gradually smother its heat dissipating unit in accumulating layers. This blocks the gaps in between the heat sink units, adversely affects the AC’s heat dissipation capacity, and increases the pressure of the condenser. The motor of the compressor will hence undergo higher electric currents, increasing the time needed for cooling. As a direct result, energy consumption will rise significantly. Cleaning helps the AC to recover to its optimum cooling efficiency, effectively reducing the time for compression. Customers can expect a significantly energy consumption saving of 10% to 30%.

3. Avoid reproduction of bacteria and mould

The mechanism of an AC is based on driving an air circulation between the room and the AC. Room temperature air will enter the AC, which then cools it and expels it back into the atmosphere. A great portion of water evaporates during this cooling process. The water largely leaves the room through the valve of the AC – however, there are remnant particles that bind on the surface of the net as well as the surface of the heat-dissipating unit. Bacteria and mould take advantage of this remnant mixture of moisture and dust, and reproduce quickly. Regular cleaning of the net, dissipating unit, and evaporators reduces the ratio of bacteria and mould in the indoor atmosphere, and minimizes the related health risks imposed upon AC users.

4. How frequent should I have my Air-Conditioners cleaned?

Due to the constantly hot and humid weather conditions in Singapore, high frequency AC usage has become indispensable to many families. Aside from frequency of use, the Warm atmospheric air that surrounds the machinery after the AC is turned off accelerates the reproduction of bacteria and mould inside the remnant mixture of dust and vapor particles. This phenomena is exacerbated by Singapore’s climate. Therefore, regular cleaning of the AC is required even for sets turned on only once a month. As a general rule of thumb, a standard cleaning is required every 1-2 months; a deep cleaning is required every 3-4 months. Every half a year, a solution cleaning should be implemented.